About Rhea Sudhiir Gill and Avineet Singh Chawla

Ms. Rhea Sudhiir Gill – A BBA LLB graduate from India, Rhea Sudhiir Gill has a flair for writing. She has a number of publications in different fields to her name. She is a people’s person who not only excels in academics but also actively leads in extra curricular activities. Mr. Avineet Singh Chawla – Avineet Singh Chawla a BA LLB graduate from Punjabi University, Patiala. He is a traveller at heart with a dream to pursue his further education from a renowned university abroad wherein he can learn about the cultures of the other countries and grow as a global citizen.

Politics in India – The Present Scenario

By |2017-09-08T07:57:40+01:0028th June, 2017|

The current scenario of Indian politics in 2017 is very fluid, with many politicians working for his personal interest and not bothered nor concerned about the greater good. The big parties further being divided into several groups have been concentrating only on throwing abuses against each other. They are not able to tolerate the