Vaahan’s exclusive interview with Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu

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Vaahan’s Turkish Editor, Ahsen Melek Kocatürk, speaks to Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu, Leader of the Republican People’s Party, the Main Opposition, in an exclusive interview.

The Minister of Internal Affairs declared on television that a politician was paid a bribe of 10,000 dollars every month. However, neither President Erdoğan nor the Minister of Internal Affairs has disclosed the identity of this politician.

What are your views about the corruption allegations suggested against the ruling party?

The AK Party demanded votes from the citizens saying “We shall fight corruption”, and then they came to power… The Party established a “Corruption Investigation Commission” in the Grand National Assembly of Turkey in the first years of its rule and said that they fulfilled their promise to society.

However, later on, the AK Party became the focus of corruption. The fact that they came to power alone and took the majority in Parliament, led to power poisoning. It became such a party that they began to be known by corruption.

Apart from the legislature, they started to control jurisdiction by making constitutional amendments. Today we are in a different position. We are bearing witness to a new process based on the narrations of an insider who witnessed corruption and knew the relations between those who are corrupt.

We also witnessed something else. The Minister of Internal Affairs declared on television that a politician was paid a bribe of 10,000 dollars every month. However, neither President Erdoğan nor the Minister of Internal Affairs has disclosed the identity of this politician. This person has a position of leadership in the ruling party. The existence of bribery is being accepted, but nevertheless, the members of the government persistently keep silent because they know very well that they are guilty too in this subject. We are witnessing the corruption and degeneration of a government all together.

For our readers who are new to this subject, who is Sedat Peker and why do you think he is asserting such claims?

Sedat Peker, as defined in the press, is “a leader of a criminal organisation”. According to the media, the police pulled a gun on his little daughter during a raid on his house which angered Sedat Peker. It is also said that Sedat Peker was encouraged by members of the government to go abroad for a short while and that he was guaranteed to return to Turkey after a certain period of time, but apparently this promise was not kept. It is said that these two events caused Sedat Peker to reveal all the dirty relationships.

Why do you think Peker managed to escape to the UAE?

I don’t know why, but the Palace knows how this escape happened. This person was the leader of a criminal organisation when he left Turkey and nothing has changed today. The power of leaders of criminal organisations is directly proportional to the positions of the politicians who they bought. This person is someone who supports the government and organises meetings for Erdoğan.

Why did your party demand the resignation of Ministers named by Peker?

The point we have reached in Turkey today is not the resignation or dismissal of one or two ministers. Erdoğan and his surroundings are polluted. Turkey now needs to be free from pollution. The way to do this is democratic elections. Turkey will not be able to cope with such pollution. We define the latest developments as “the sewage exploded in the Palace and Turkey became polluted”.

According to you, should the journalists abroad be more responsible when reporting these allegations?

Journalists of course, must act responsibly. They should inform society with the right news. Journalism is also to protect the interests of taxpayers. Corruption means the unjust enrichment of public administrators and the usurpation of taxes by politicians. No journalist who does not sell his/her pen should allow this.

What is the reason why the opposition’s vote rate has not increased whilst the ruling party’s has?

The Palace Administration is saying that our votes did not increase. Well, do you think this is true? There is a very simple way to understand this. Let them bring the ballot box infront of the public, let’s see whose vote has increased and whose vote has decreased. It has been a long time since the public left these perceptions behind.

What would you do differently if you came to power?

We would never allow corruption. We used to send corrupt individuals to the judiciary together with all the evidence. We would ensure that the judiciary was impartial and independent. We would have saved parliament from the curatorship of the Palace government, in other words Erdoğan. We would ensure public expenditure is transparent, we would not only give public tenders to a handful of supporters of government, we would make the tenders open to the public. We would ensure the freedom of the media and remove all obstacles to the freedom of expression of thought. We would turn universities into institutions where every thought was freely discussed. In summary, we would raise democratic standards to European Union norms.

What are your main policies for the 2023 elections?

Turkey has five main problems: democracy, education, social peace, foreign policy and economy. These five basic problems should not be considered independently of each other. The main pillar of these problems is democracy. We promised our people, we said: “we shall crown our beautiful Republic with democracy in its second century.” Turkey needs to catch up with modern civilisation.

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