Vaahan’s Exclusive Launch in London

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Vaahan Magazine was launched on Tuesday 28th November hosted by the Honourable Society of the Inner Temple. Baroness Verma, former Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for DFID, said that she was “proud of the initiative and that the political discourse needs a young voice. Young people have been too

Austerity and It’s Impacts on Britain

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Austerity is constantly being bandied about the media, and has become a typical part of political vocabulary since its introduction by the coalition government in 2010 under David Cameron. The Economist’s definition of austerity is ‘a situation in which there is not much money’ and government revenue ‘is spent only on things that are

Grenfell Tower Fire – What needs to happen now and what you can do to help.

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We all woke up to the horrendous news on Wednesday morning about the fire in Grenfell Tower, West London. We watched the local residents’ distressing accounts, reports of mothers throwing their children out of windows to save them and footage of trapped residents who have not been seen since, will be etched in our minds. But imagine if you witnessed the tragedy first hand. Imagine if you lived in a similar block of flats. Imagine